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Swedish Klezmer Association

Zisel Stahlhammer Klezmer Band

Zisel Stahlhammer Klezmer Band, Lublin 1930s

Here you will find information about Swedish klezmer bands and artists.
You will also find information about the music and Yiddish dance,
links to festivals and where to buy music.

You can reach the association by e-mail:

The Swedish Klezmer association collaboration with Vargkatten Produktion.
For more info about the events and to check out our previous events,
visit their homepage:

The events in 2024 you will find at Klezmer 2024


Klezmer Jam Sessions — Stockholm

KLEZMERJAMS in Stockholm!
You will find out dates and places in this link

The klezmer jams are organized and led by Valeria Conte in cooperation with Paideia folkhögskola,
Klezmerföreningen and Vargkatten Produktion.


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Everyone is welcome!
The membership gives you discounts on the klezmer jam sessions, our concerts and festivals.

Pay your membership fee 100 SEK to: Svenska Klezmerföreningen, bg 165-3336
Write your name (Do not just write "Membership" or we cannot track your payment)
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The association needs active members. Please send us an email if you want to participate.


The Swedish Klezmer Association is a non-profit association, religiously and politically unbound
in order to spread joy with klezmer music and dance in Sweden.
In collaboration with Vargkatten Produktion, Sensus, Stallet Världens Musik,
Bajit, The Jewish congregation and others.
With support from Statens Kulturråd, Stockholms Läns Landsting,
Stockholms stad, Göteborgs stad and others.
More information: Vargkatten.se